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5 Common Warehouse Safety Issues (and the Tech to Help Avoid Them)

warehouse safety forklifts logimate

A lot is at stake when it comes to warehouse safety; employee well-being, business operations, major financial implications, and customer reputation all come to mind. Keeping mistakes and accidents to a minimum is of course ideal.

Some accidents are truly unavoidable, but many others can be eliminated by using the right protocols. Here's a quick list of 5 of the most common warehouse safety errors, and what can be done to mitigate/fix them.


Safety Hazards

Knocking down shelves

Overloaded racks and improper storage techniques can lead to collapsing shelves and major falling hazards.


Accidents involving pedestrians

Slips, cluttered floors, poor lighting, forklift accidents with pedestrians all pose a risk.


Collisions with other machinery/equipment (forklifts) warehouse safety distracted driver logimate

Forklift accidents are more common than they should be, and include collisions, tipping over, and running into storage racks.


Accidents involving noisy/chaotic environments

Excessive noise, alarms, unclear directions, and poor signage can put people at risk.


Crane loads above posing a hazard to those on the ground

When proper crane safety measures aren't followed, there are several risks involved including: overloading/exceeding the weight limit, neglecting inspections, forgoing training, unstable ground, and unclear paths.


Luckily, the technology exists today to root out these issues and keep warehouses running as safely and efficiently as possible. 



Crane Visual Hazard Management crane hazard technology logimate

This solution ensures the crane's path is 100% clear of any obstructions. A visual beam of light projected onto the floor alerts employees below to a possible danger and gives them time to move to safety.



Forklift Safety


Forklift Safety Lights

Relying on horns and alarms is not enough. Alert forklifts to the presence of pedestrians and other forklift operators with LED Forklift safety lights.

Forward and rear projecting dots, arrows, and lines provide a visual warning even before the forklift is seen.


Laser Line/LED Walkways

Keep pedestrians aware with clear signage that's easy to see and never needs repair or maintenance.

Do away with taped or painted-on lines that wear out too quickly. LED lights produce a vibrant image that grabs attention and keeps pedestrians safe from unwanted vehicle interactions.

LED Walkway Warehouse Safety


LED Signage

Industrial production floors and warehouses often use tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels for safety signage. But these static signs can be obscured by machinery and/or wear out over time. And ineffective signage poses the potential for serious injury to workers. 

Virtual signs are ideal for displaying bright floor and wall safety signs in locations with high traffic, the potential for a hazard, or uneven floors.

They produce a bright, vibrant message of your choosing that's sure to capture your employee's attention. Motion sensor trigger option available, easy to switch out the projection lens for new signage.

LED safety sign projector logimate   led-projection_001


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