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Types of Security Seals

Before identifying the types of security seals, it is essential to understand what a tamper-evident security seal is and why companies choose to utilize them as a part of their overall security plan.  A tamper-evident security seal is a device that must be uniquely customized and, once secured, must be broken or cut to gain access.  When removed, the device cannot be resealed or reused without showing evidence that it has already been compromised.

Companies often utilize security seals because they are an inexpensive solution that easily allows them to audit their assets, especially when sent to a third party.  For example, a manufacturer can load a truck using a third-party carrier and apply its uniquely printed security seal.  When the shipment arrives at their customer, the customer can verify the seal is correct (correct color, correct printing, correct number/barcode), and they can feel confident the shipment was not compromised.

For those new to security, here is a breakdown of security seal types.


Plastic Security Seals

The largest category of security seals are made from plastic and include adjustable plastic seals, fixed-length plastic seals, and plastic padlock seals.  Plastic seals are used in virtually every industry, including transportation/logistics, healthcare, retail, cash-in-transit, manufacturing, and airlines.


Metal Security Seals

Metal security seals have an increased level of security because they require a tool to remove them.  They eliminate the opportunistic theft scenario.  Someone removing a metal seal has made a decision to bring a tool that can remove the seal.



Adhesive Security Seals

Adhesive security seals are the perfect solution for when there is no place to put traditional plastic or metal security seals.  File cabinets, airplane doors, liquor cabinets, etc.  These tapes and labels can have a custom adhesive that can leave a residue on the surface when removed, leave no residue on the surface, or be frangible (break apart in tiny pieces).




Electronic Security Seals

The next generation in seals incorporates electronic capabilities.  These solutions provide enhanced visibility into your supply chain by providing valuable data, including who locked/unlocked, when it was locked/unlocked, and where it was locked/unlocked.

The experts at Logimate can assist you with determining the best seal for your security needs. 

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